Jun 052011

Left 4 Dead 2 is an epic zombie slaying game! There are a few different modes you can play in; my favourite being “scavenge”. The other modes are your typical campaign, versus, and mutations.

In scavenge, you alternate between the survivors and the special infected and the main goal is to see who can fill the generator with the most gas cans. There are 16 cans scattered around the map, and the survivors have to work together to gather the gas and bring it to the generator. There are special infected on the opposite team and their goal is to stop the survivors (obviously!) 😉

The survivors are 4 people who are trapped amongst the slow moving, but mass hording undead. The survivors are different in the first and second Left 4 Dead games. In this game, there are Rochelle, Coach, Ellis and Nick. If I had to choose between them, I’d be Ellis because he has witty comments about the zombies and his companions. Plus, I find zombies pick on Coach and Rochelle.

The special infected, in Scavenge, are the Spitter, Smoker, Hunter, Jockey, and Charger. You never get to be the Witch and you can only be the Tank in versus mode.  If the Spitter and Smoker work together, you can kill a survivor pretty quickly. A few of my friends, call this “shake and bake”. The Smoker uses a super long tongue to strangle the survivor and the Spitter shoots acid onto the ground. The hunter is pretty cool because you can pounce on a survivor from the roof and get massive damage points. Once you’re on a survivor, you can attack them to death! I’m not a fan of the Jockey because it takes so long to incapacitate a survivor (you can’t kill them with the Jockey).  The Jockey hops on the survivors head and guides them around the environment for a few seconds. If you’re lucky, there will be a ledge or window you can bring them too and make them hang off it. The Charger is sweet if you have a survivor stupid enough to wander off alone (cause it’s very quick to kill the survivor without interference). Also, if you charge near a ledge or off a roof, it’s instant death. The Charger is a huge hulk-ish zombie (not as big as the Tank), which runs and survivors and starts pounding them into the ground, taking massive damage.

The Smoker's epic tongue action!

I love playing scavenge because it is a quick match (usually no more than 30 minutes) and with the right group of people, it can be an epic battle. Counting down the seconds to see who got the cans in the generator the fastest. It requires team work for both the survivors and special infected and it’s zombie-slaying fun!

Getting a lot of damage points don't hurt either!

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