Apr 032011

Due to my new career and it’s demands on my time, I haven’t been able to game as much as I’d like. At work, I have been painting the playroom and reorganizing everything. I spent around $3000 on new supplies. I am getting them in slowly, and thankfully it was left over money from the annual budget. The new fiscal year has begun so I should be able to order more toys. I will likely focus on the equipment for outside as the weather is improving. I love spending time playing outside with the children. Going on treasure hunts, running around the park, and making monster stew and gobbling everyone up!

The painting job was a rather big one, but I was determined to do it myself. I wanted the room yellow and green. After posting the colour swabs to twitter (@themidnitefaery), a friend told me that it looked like Xbox colours. I suppose they did! Subconsciously xbox is invading my thoughts 😉 Either way, yellow and green are gender neutral and bright colours promote play in a fun atmosphere. That’s my opinion anyways.

Check out the room before I painted:







…and after:

I am currently playing Dragon Age 2. I have put about 25 hours into the game. I am playing as a Mage. Her specialties are fire and frost. I am working on healing magic next. Basically, she is amazing. Yet I am struggling to kill some Frost Mage. I keep dying over and over again. I have no idea how to kill the blasted thing!! >.< I will write a review when I finish the game, but my opinion at the moment is that the game is very: disconnected.

The closest connection I've made is with a warrior that doesn't like mages. He is a challenge. Otherwise... meh.

As for my Rock Band 3 addiction, I am still singing a lot. I am ranked #14 in the world for the “Total Vocals”. Which includes DLC. The ranking for Rock Band 3 vocals is somewhere around #150. I have gotten gold stars on almost every RB3 song! I am missing 3. Gold stars are pretty because you get them if you “master” the song. Basically, get better than 95% and use your star power at the right time.

I became a bit obsessed with having ALL Gold Stars for the RB3 songs, but got too tired to continue. Maybe I will play again tonight!

Left 4 Dead 2 has taken a bit of a back seat. I did however have an epic zombie slaying match a couple nights ago. My team was awesome and we kicked butt! It’s all about your team on that game. I can’t wait for the new DLC to come out.

Yay for team work! @th3_JynXXX @LadyAether @LostButSeeking and I kicked zombie butt!

I have been working on my Gaming & Giving Back Challenge for Day 8. I just haven’t found anyone who actually “needs” a care package and wants to have it sent to them. The things that I’ve collected so far are mainly girly toiletries. So… if you, or anyone you knows wants a small “care package” sent, please let me know through email: midnitefaery@gmail.com

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  3 Responses to “Lack of Gaming”

  1. Great job Faery! That room looks amazing! Also, the video we did got me a good grade, everyone thought you were really pretty and were quite surprised to learn you’re a gamer 😛 (Take that as you may lol)

    Let me know if you wanna hop on Rockband sometime tomorrow yeah? Good update!

  2. LadyAether

    The room looks so good! Great job! Unfortunately, real life sometimes gets in the way of gaming… LoL Looking forward to playing L4D2 again soon!

  3. hey the painting looks great!!

    I’m playing DA2 right now as well, I’ve decided to like it for what its worth till I can trade it in for something else.