Aug 012011

Hey everyone, seeing as there hasn’t been much posting lately, I thought I would write something on the more entertaining and mind-boggling side…

We have a new gamer-girl. Well, new wouldn’t be correct… Seeing as she IS one of us already. (Here’s a hint: she’s actually maybe possibly DEFINITELY really a guy)



She likes Pokemon, Rockband, and Call of Duty. She’s also known to play fighting games on occasion, but only if they’re crossover games like Marvel VS Capcom.

Okay, so for those of you wondering what the HECK I’m talking about, allow me to explain.

Anime Expo 2011 provided an opportunity for me to try something… different. This opportunity, if you haven’t already guessed, was for me to dress as a girl. The result on my first attempt?

Behold, this is what is know as a “trap.” A trap is a man who makes a more than convincing woman, without requiring any permanent alteration (surgery, ect.) to their body. Ergo, only make-up, hair (wig), and clothes are needed.

At first I wasn’t keen on the idea that I made a good girl. In fact, I was freaked out when I was first told I had an “androgynous” body. But, much like Jim Carrey in “Yes Man,” I’d went along with it and was more than pleased with the result. Below are a few more pictures from Anime Expo.

So, after such a success at Anime Expo, Hailey found herself more and more incorporated into my lifestyle. It’s kinda fun getting other girls jealous (quite a few find me more attractive than they are o_O) and it’s always interesting when I get double takes from strangers when I open my mouth and talk with my “man voice.”

So there we have it.  I managed to blog about my “transformation” (because I KNOW Midnite was probably curious as to how I changed into a girl on Twitter and Xbox Live) as well as a bit about Anime Expo (which was UBER FUN AND EVERYONE WHO CAN SHOULD GO TO ANIME EXPO 2012!!!)

Anywho, I hope you found this post entertaining, suprising, and even fun (inb4 man Misty and Red Ranger’s packing heat)

Feel free to post any questions regarding my little “transformation” in comment form, but please be nice!



GT: Kazuki Fox

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  One Response to “IT’S A TRAP!”

  1. Where did you get the dress in the second picture? 😀