Oct 102011

MidniteFaery: the sack girl 😉

She was created in the wee hours of the morning in October! She has adventured through 4 different continents and is awaiting more travels.

Occasionally she has the opportunity to play with the wacky but adorable lll Kira lll. They are able to accomplish challenges and use each other to collect beautiful treasures!

MidniteFaery: the sack girl has tried to have other friends come into her world but she was stopped by a looming head post which prevented this.

While MidniteFaery: the sack girl is sleeping, another sack girl continues to explore. She goes by a different name, lives in a different house, but can see the same world.

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  One Response to “Please allow me to introduce:”

  1. Sack Girl looks awesome and another girl is cute