Jan 312011

Rock Band 3 has consumed a huge amount of my life, and money. I play it almost daily, and I love it. I can’t get enough of the game. I suppose my love for Rock Band is highly correlated with the amount of money I’ve invested in it. I have purchased about half of the DLC (downloadable songs) so my song total is over 1200. There are many songs that I own but haven’t even played yet. I think that people that have the downloaded songs are more keen to play more often because there are options. 80 songs compared to 1200 is a huge difference. I know that in quickplay games (with people who don’t have DLC), I might seem like a snob, but I really just want to play songs that I enjoy and paid for!

Being a vocalist on the game, I don’t listen to the guitar or drums to determine the coolness of a song, but I do get mesmerized by watching people play. I think that drums are the hardest instrument to play because of the kick. The only time I ever played the drums, I had a boy standing beside me doing the kick drum. It was fun, but so unsuccessful.

I started to watch the leaderboards religiously while doing a challenge with an old friend (HeyRiles). We had a week to see who would make it further in the leaderboards. Naturally, I won. He is a guitarist and I am a vocalist. I could never compete with guitar, because vocals is my thing. I would never EVER claim to sound good. I can just control my pitch and change octaves when necessary. I wasn’t one of those kids who sang in the shower, or joined choir. I started singing on Rock Band because the boys I played games with stole the guitars! I was hooked on singing after a couple days cause I fell in love with the feeling I got.

I own most of the Guitar Hero games, but they didn’t have the same “look” as Rock Band games. Not for vocals anyways. The pitch meter was really sensitive and didn’t look as pretty. It sketches around on the road. I like games to have a particular look to them. I suppose it’s similar to finding people attractive. If I am going to spend hours staring intently at something, I want to like what I see. Makes sense to me. Rock Band graphics are more crisp and detailed. You have more options with the characters and they move more gracefully around the stage.

I decided to do a post about Rock Band because I am seriously considering posting some vocal videos with my voice streaming through. Not to claim that I sound good, but to show that anyone can sing and still get 100% Gold on expert. It doesn’t require a decent sound.

I am always looking for new “friends” on Rock Band. I would like them to have 200+ DLC and be cool to play with. I am rather sarcastic and giggle way too much! …but it’s all in good fun. My GT is Midnite Faery.

~*Keep Rocking*~

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  1. PLEASE post some videos with your voice! I STILL haven’t found the time to join a game with you yet so I wanna know what you sound like on vocals!