Jan 162011

I tried Halo Reach for the first time at my LAN ‘birthday’ party in November. There were 15 friends of mine at the LAN Gaming Lounge, so we switched up between Reach, COD: Black Ops, Rock Band 3, and Mario Kart on the Wii. I wasn’t crazy about Reach, but I didn’t hate it either. After the party, I received Halo Reach as a birthday present. For the first few months, I didn’t play it much at home because I didn’t want to learn the controls and there were other games that I was more interested in playing. I would get invites from friends on live, but never accept. Until… dun dun dun! One day Reach ended up in my xbox!

For someone who plays Left 4 Dead 2 as their main shoot and kill game, Halo requires more button knowledge. I found that it’s necessary to use the little buttons on top of the triggers. What!? Really? …yes, it’s true! I didn’t think those buttons were ever used on xbox games. So the left button makes you run and the right button is your melee. I think anyways. Apparently there are perks like jet packs and holograms if you press X quick enough to load up a selection screen (when you’re dead of course). It probably seems a lot more complicated than it really is but it’s all new for me.

The maps are new for me too, so once I become a bit more familiar with them, they will be easy to move through and hide. I’ve played a couple custom games too. Some better than others. Zilla mode was fun. Super speed and zombie killing … mmmm brainzzzz!

The campaign is fun too! I’ve played a couple chapters and created a pretty fancy pink character. Each chapter is short enough to feel successful about completing it.

I haven’t been a Halo fan before Reach, and I don’t anticipate I will go back and play the previous games, but I would highly recommend playing Reach. I haven’t tried any Reach “Challenges” yet but I will be sure to play them soon. The game as a stand alone game is fully worth playing. I wouldn’t base too much on the “story” of the game, but rather the unique and fun ways to kill other players!

I would rank this game as 9.2/10 for multiplayer and 8.5 for campaign. Both modes are fun and challenging.

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