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All of the weapons and their descriptions are included in the booklet that came with the game, but I would rather learn from a friend. Plus, randomly shooting weapons is wicked fun! It’s like learning the theory and practice at the same time. Which is way better!

I joined a custom game with Darkmagic47 and he dropped all the weapons and described them for me. He turned into a floating orb and *poof* weapons were all over the ground!

It was raining weapons!! 😉

Human Weapons

Assault Rifle: most people will say it’s useless. It has terrible long range and bad accuracy. If you use click control bursts (RT) it will place the shots close together. Basically shoot, wait, shoot. Don’t just hold down the trigger. But…it is good as a closer range weapon! Most people will use it to drop their opponents shield. When their shield is down, punch them (RB).

DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle): 15 shots in a clip. Single shot. The weapon of choice because it has good/long/medium range. It’s not good for up close and personal unless the shield is down you’re in swat. The faster you fire,  the more it reduces the accuracy. It is a powerful weapon. It is easy to get a pinpoint head shot with the weapon zoomed in, although this is not a sniper rifle. Remember you always aim for the head!

Shotgun: Weapon of choice against anyone that has a sword. It’s only good for close range combat. Hide while crouching and then blast them when you are close enough. You can draw them into a small range area and then kill them!

Grenade: Lower your aim so you’re looking at ground and throw it.  The grenade will roll towards your opponent instead of flying past them. Fire your weapon at the same time so their shield is damaged.

Rocket Launcher: Don’t fire this directly at your opponent.   Don’t shoot it near walls, because if you are standing close to them you will take damage from impact. Aim for opponents feet!! shoot where they are going to land. This is the best weapon against vehicles. If you are zoomed in you can lock onto their vehicle and it will track it.  It’s a great weapon against the hornet (helicopter with 2 gunners) or banshee (purple flying thing). It is a dodgable weapon, so if you are being shot at…jump out of the way!

Spartan Laser: It doesn’t have a zoom feature and doesn’t lock onto targets. It charges slow and it the red sight gives it away. Has a distinct charge up sound. Good for long range. You can fire across large maps with it. It is anti-vehicle and can kill multiple people. Can not pick up extra ammo, so when it’s empty…find another weapon.

Sniper: Extreme long range weapon. It zooms in twice so you can be really far away from target. A shot to the body will drain their shield. A second shot will kill them. One shot to the head will kill them (with or without shield). If the target is moving you will want to aim a little bit in front of the target so they run into the bullet. As a tip…if you see a sniper trail you know where they are.

Grenade launcher: Alternative fire modes. Which means you can use it two ways.  If you fire the grenade and hold the RT you can detonate it by releasing the trigger. It fire an EMP blast (takes away their shield). Or you could just press the trigger. The grenade bounces off surfaces and it will detonate on contact.

Magnum pistol: This weapon went back to a Halo 1 style pistol. It’s good for medium range killing. It fires fast and can quickly kill. Aim for the head. The magnum will kill with one hit to the head.

Melee: if you hit from the back, they will die immediately (RB). If you hold the RB it does a cool assassination. Make sure no one is around while you are doing the cool slow motion kill… you can’t defend yourself while doing it. To get “Yoinked” throw a grenade if you see this happening!
With shield: 2 hits (RB) without shield 1 hit (RB)

Covenant Weapons:

Concussion: This shot will explode on contact. It won’t kill someone right off, although it is fairly powerful. It’s effective against multiple opponents. If you have a large group of people running at you, you can hit their shields.  It is a Power Weapon (you won’t find it very often on the map).

Energy Sword: It is really good for close range. Have a gun out and switch to a sword when you are close to an opponent. One hit kill.You can attack 2 ways with this weapon. First, press RB for melee. Second, aim and when the reticule goes red then you will charge at them. If 2 people have swords and they charge at the same time. There will be a sword clash. Meaning that both shields are damaged. Quickly rush forward and press RB again because your opponent is unshielded. It’s an immediate kill.  When charging, it’s important to note that you will charge where your opponent “was”.  So…if you are being charged at, move to the side. Power Weapon

Fuel Rod Gun: This is similar to the Rocket Launcher, except it holds more shots. Aim for your opponents feet. Does not track but has good range. Fires a nice big electric green blob. A little bit weaker than the human rocket launcher. Power Weapon

Gravity Hammer: This weapon is mainly used in Grifball. There is a second delay after activating it so it’s a good idea to hit someone while they are frozen. It is only good for close range. If you are close enough you could kill multiple opponents.

Focus Rifle: Unlike human weapons, this does not have an ammo pack. It will drain away the shield. It is NOT a headshot weapon. Zoom 2x so it’s good for long range.

Needle Rifle: Similar to the DMR. If you drop an opponents shield you can kill them with a headshot or you need to pierce 5 needles in their body which will make them explode. Ew…I love it! 🙂  It shoots bullets. Not good for short range. Use for medium or long range. Don’t fire too fast or it will lose it’s accuracy. Aim for the head.

Needler: This weapon is good for close range. It fires quickly.  You can get a “Super Combined” medal if you fire enough needles into someone.  The needles will track the opponent as long as the reticule is red.So if you are being shot at by one, keep moving!!

Plasma Launcher: The red reticule allows you to track opponents. It will track a person and the plasma balls would stick to them and kill. It takes 1-2 balls to kill someone. If you are shooting towards a group, it will kill the team. Power weapon. It has zoom, and you can track with the zoom. Excellent anti-vehicle weapon!

Plasma Pistol: This weapon is not great on it’s own. Hold the trigger to do an “overcharge” it takes away the opponents shield. Quickly switch to DMR and do a head shot (It’s considered a Noob Combo). It will track a banshee if you are aiming and overcharge. It will hit the vehicle.

Plasma Repeater: Similar to the human assault rifle. It over heats and it fires slower as it gets hotter. Press the reload button (X) to cool it off faster. Fire in shorter control bursts. Good for close range. Useless for long range.

Plasma Rifle: A little bit more powerful than the Plasma Repeater. Mainly because of the slower firing speed. Good for close to medium combat.

Spiker: Fires spikes, fairly lethal. Close is better.

Plasma Grenades: press B to switch grenade types. They stick to your opponent. You want to throw directly at someone. It takes one hit to kill. “sticky grenades”


Reticule (aiming) grows with each hit

Guns always spawn at the same spot

When you are zoomed in, you can’t see your radar.

If you see a sniper trail, make sure to tell your team mates (give away his position). It is a white trail of smoke.

If you crouch you are off the radar.

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  1. Hey look its me! LOL! A few things the Plasma pistol overcharged will track any vehicle, and the Sparten laser does have a zoom feature. I don’t think I forgot to cover anything with you but it was kinda late and I was getting very tired! Great article!