Mar 222011

This challenge is virtually impossible for me. I don’t want to sound bad, but I have no idea what to do with “old people”. I looked up senior homes in Vancouver. They require a commitment of short or long term for volunteers. They take “one time” volunteers for special events. I will have to keep a watch out for those. I don’t have the time to commit to one place in particular. If I were, it would be with youth. My specialization is with children and youth, not with seniors :/

I guess this challenge is on hold. It was a fantastic suggestion from a friend, but I am unable to complete it at the moment.

Gaming & Giving Back Challenge: Part 2

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  One Response to “Gaming & Giving Back Challenge {part 2}: Day 7”

  1. Do you guys have anything equivalent to Meals on Wheels there? That might be something you could donate food to or volunteer for that helps the elderly. 🙂