Mar 172011

“Review An Arcade Game”

If you are old enough, you will remember hanging out at the arcade feeding game machines quarters so you could play. My biggest addiction was Tetris. I loved connecting the pieces and building up rows of 4 so I could get a “Tetris”. Bonus points and massive skill required (when the pieces are falling fast).

I bought the Tetris Splash arcade game for Xbox 360 about a year ago. It had some under water theme and cheesy music. It was Tetris-ish… but I was (and still am) a fan of the classic game.

On the PS3 I saw a Tetris game available for download. It was an arcade game, so I bought it.

Classic game!! ... let's see how the arcade for PS3 is 😀

The PS3 version of Tetris has your classic Tetris pieces AND music! I can’t explain the music in text, but if you’ve played it… you know!

The game play is fantastic! There are different modes for multiplayer games (local and online), as well as solo games. You can have battles, races, and even work together by sharing the middle. The pieces that you save (by pulling the trigger R2) can be used by either player. Team work is wicked…or not, depending on your team mate! Of course, the best part about Tetris is playing “battle” and slaughtering the other person with your clever placements and mad skillz 😉

Basically, it’s a brilliant arcade game and totally worth buying  for $10 and playing. That is, if you were a fan of the original Tetris games and if you’re not looking for trophies (achievements).

Overall arcade game review 9/10 …it’s TETRIS!

Gaming & Giving Back Challenge Part 2

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  1. My brothers and I used to go to an arcade and play this game called Hydro Thunder where the machine was shaped like a jet ski and you raced each other. LoL I think it’s on XBL now, but it wouldn’t be nearly as much fun without the machine. ^_^