Mar 162011

“Give Someone A Grocery Store Gift Card”

When I woke up this morning I had a killer migraine. You know the type of headache that hurts when you walk around, and how any noise makes you flinch? I had one of those.

I slowly tied my hair in a ponytail and clumsily moved through my house. I got myself ready for work and thought about how I was going to start my newest Gaming & Giving Back Challenge.  I only give myself 15 minutes to get ready in the morning,  so I was quickly out the door.

I hopped on the bus and went to the local grocery store to pick up some Midol. While I was standing at the till, I thought about one of the suggestions that a friend on twitter recommended. Gift cards. There were $10 cards available for the store, so I asked the cashier to include one of them. I am not a wealthy person, and I was actually afraid that my $19 purchase wouldn’t go through. I knew that savings was an option, but I would have to go to the atm and withdraw it. I punched in my debit pin and crossed my fingers. I still had to stop for coffee and make the next bus.

When I left the store there was a young homeless guy sitting curled up on the ground. I made eye contact with him and smiled while walking to the starbucks. I kept walking. He wasn’t who I pictured the card going to. I wasn’t sure who I expected to give the card to, but I had just bought it moments ago. I wanted more time to think.

I took a few more steps. I looked around. I stopped walking. I bent over, opened by bag and pulled out the gift card.

I walked back to the man and handed it to him. He looked up to me and said “really?” and I said “of course, have a good day”. I walked away.

I noticed that his hands were swollen and he had yellow finger tips. He was missing a couple teeth as well. He must have been cold sitting there on the ground. He was young. My age… maybe younger.

I carried on to Starbucks. I got my coffee and added a $5 gift card, just in case I found someone else. As I was waiting for my coffee, I looked out the window.

Walking back and forth in front of the store, was the man. He was smiling and eating something. He looked happy. There is nothing more that I could want than to make someone feel happy. His pants were all torn at the back and he looked like it had been months since he had a shower. But he was smiling.

I suppose that’s it for Day 1! 😀 Thanks for reading … and I am so happy to be doing this challenge again. I am convinced that the smallest good deed can make all the difference.

Have a great day!

Gaming & Giving Back Challenge Part 2

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  1. Wow Faery, I’m seriously considering starting this!