Mar 062011

A few months ago, I created the first Gaming & Giving Back Challenge. It was successful and I loved participating in each challenge. Some were harder than others and each event was rather entertaining!

Welcome to PART TWO of my Gaming & Giving Back Challenge!

  1. Give someone a grocery store gift card {Read here}
  2. Review an arcade game {Read here}
  3. Find and Write to new pen pal {Read here}
  4. Create a poll for the BEST game and get 40 people to vote {Read here}
  5. Give a gift to a friend {Read here}
  6. Upload a Youtube video {Read here}
  7. Volunteer at a senior home {Read here}
  8. Write an impression about an exclusive XBOX 360 game {Read here}
  9. Mail or drop off a care package to someone who needs it.
  10. Review new DLC for Rock Band 3
  11. Bring home made treats to work for the staff and families
  12. Complete a L4D2 campaign on Expert (…no I haven’t done that yet)
  13. Sit with someone at the coffee shop who looks bored and alone
  14. Write an impression about an RPG
  15. Give an umbrella to someone who needs it (if it’s not raining today, then do this as soon as it is and carry on completing the challenge)
  16. Write an impression about a FPS
  17. Volunteer at the food bank
  18. Enthuse about an upcoming game
  19. Write 5 personal letters/cards to people to express why they are special to you.
  20. Review any new DLC available
  21. Donate blood to the Canadian Blood Services
  22. Write an impression about a Music Game
  23. Buy and distribute socks and gloves to 5 people.
  24. Capture and upload with a full band on Rock Band
  25. Phone a friend and chat about life
  26. Review or Preview a graphic novel (video game)
  27. Give someone a meal
  28. Upload a Youtube Rock Band 3 video
  29. Donate a gift to charity
  30. {This challenge can be completed on Saturday night} Encourage people to donate to a charity. 24 hours of Gaming. Donate $1 per hour to sponsor. Find your own sponsors and get this movement happening! Gaming & Giving Back at it’s finest moment. I am still working on the details and if you could offer any assistance, I would love the support.

I was unable to complete the first Gaming & Giving Back Challenge due to some personal life issues which included switching jobs and moving. So I thought it was time to create a new challenge. I am incorporating the uncompleted challenges and modifying them based on my first run through.

I think it is really important to give back to people in the community. I have always tried to do what I could to help other people. By doing the Gaming and Giving Back Challenge, I am able to record some of my experiences.

Hope you enjoy this and maybe you will be inspired to do your own!


[Edited on June 12, 2011] -to inspire continuation

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  2 Responses to “Gaming & Giving Back Challenge PART TWO”

  1. I’m looking for regular updates on this list. I understand how you couldn’t do the last challenge but I’m hoping you can do this one.
    I’m watching this space.

  2. for the 360 Review, try one of the Gears of War games. The 1st and 2nd are great and the 3rd is coming out this fall.