Apr 092011


Gaming has been notorious for a basic image of the stereotypical gamer:

Many people think the average “hardcore gamer” is fat, shut-in, out of shape, and probably in their mom’s basement.   Our chubby friend seen above usually has an in-game avatar somewhat like this:

The resemblance is uncanny is it not?  This is what the stereotype of gamers has become.   Fat guys pretending to be buff warriors.  This may be a sad reality, but the future isn’t bleak for those of us who wish to redeem this image!  For those of us who wish to stay fit and game, there are many, many options available, and there are a lot of really great games that focus on getting the game up and on their feet!

The most popular “active games” to hit the market have to be dancing games.  In fact, dancing games have been around for over a decade.  Dance Dance Revolution came out in November of  1998, and since then numerous sequels have been produced as well as other arcade dance games.  Now, with Xbox Kinect and Playstation Move, players can groove to actual dances, not just a 4-direction dance paD.   Dance Central for Xbox 360 has players mirroring real, popular dance steps and Dance Dance Revolution for Playstation Move builds of the old DDR forumal by throwing in hand motions.

It doesn’t stop with just dancing games, the Wii, Kinect, and Move motion capabilities have spawned motion fitness games, and the Nintendo 3DS’s new StreetPass feature has a step counter that rewards gamers with tokens they can use in their favorite games, simply for walking around!

On a similar note, games like Rockband 3 and Power Gig: Rise of the Six String, teach players real skills, like how to play the Guitar and Drums.  Although these aren’t the most active games, their a long ways off from sitting and getting thumb callouses from playing Call of Duty.

Gaming is spreading out quite far from the days of laziness and sitting, and the motion-sensing capabilities opened a door to many new gaming possibilities.  And, if dancing isn’t your first choice for exercise, you could always do some sit-ups while you wait for the noob on your team to plant that bomb in search and destroy:

Well, here’s hoping you can find a balance between gaming and staying fit!


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