Jul 052011

Review an exclusive XBOX 360 game

Its been a while since I’ve put Halo Reach  into my xbox, however I do recall playing and enjoying it.

Since I’ve created the challenge, and been writing a bit, I’ve found that there’s a difference between a “review” and an “impression”. I am not quite sure what the difference is, but I gather that an impression gives a bit more leeway regarding what is written.  So the following is not necessarily a “review” but, rather an impression of the game. I’m going to be honest, I struggled with the Gaming & Giving Back Challenge for a while and it put me off completing it. I haven’t invested much time in any games that are xbox exclusive. So hopefully I don’t butcher Halo.

In Halo Reach, I like that your character moves up ranks and gets “better” as you progress through the game, and in some cases…just played it! With your character, you could choose to be a boy or a girl, and customize their outfit designs and colours (a bit). After playing for a really long time you could have cute little hearts fall over anyone you kill! Cheesy little things that make it fun!

I played a few of the customized games. Some were brilliant, and some where quite terrible! I really enjoyed learning about all the different weapons and having a free-for-all killing spree! Nothing better than hordes and hordes of bad guys to kill eh! 😉

I am not going to “review” this game, because I haven’t played it much. I do however, think it’s fun and I am always keen for a game with the Karma’s as they are super entertaining in Halo! <3 I’m sure that the more you play Halo, the more addicted you become. It has that unlimited gameplay feature!

I enjoyed the slayer mode the best. When you turn into a “zombie” with a sword and get to run around finding people to turn into zombies by killing them. Plus, another mode where you bring skulls to the bubble was fun too! (ps. clearly, I have no idea what I’m talking about… but if you’ve played the game, I’m sure you can figure it out).

So, my impression of this game is that it’s wicked fun and totally addictive if you have the time to get into it. Online you will find clans and very serious players as well as casual players. I didn’t hear as much swearing in online games as COD so I’m assuming the players are older than 12? I could be wrong…

There is a solo and co-op campaign as well. I didn’t get drawn into the story so I didn’t play it for too long. But… I also started Halo Reach when I had a few other games on the go. If I didn’t have anything to play, I’m sure I could be easily addicted to it.

I guess that’s it for my “impression” of the game. I’m sure I didn’t do the game justice, and if there are any other selling features of the game, I’d love to hear them. I am always looking for ways to spend my valuable time playing video games 😉


Gaming & Giving Back Challenge: Part 2

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