Mar 192011

“Create a poll for the BEST game and get 40 people to vote”

This was a challenge for me because I didn’t know if 40 people would actually respond. I started off the challenge by sending out a tweet asking:

Poll: What game should I buy? Homefront, Crysis 2, COD: Blops, DA: Awakening, or Band Hero

Thus being the BEST game out of the ones listed.

Name Dragon Age: Awakening Band Hero Crysis 2 COD: Blops Homefront
lll Kira lll X
Jonny Ray X
Th3_Jynxxx X
PurelySatanic X
CodyCrouch X
LadyAether X
sirsim X
jennmance X
gamerguyjames X
Karmakrazy13 X
RobertWillard X
H2ONatloe X
JohnnyXeo X
Chaos_Geek X
turnsy1985 X
zombiegil X
RetroCrumpet X
UnrealCh13f X
omega6six6 X
kearnel X
Tribalbob X
RealAaronGrant X
_Venom666 X
omega6six6 X
The_Juda X
DJofSparta X
toymachinesh X
Digitalurn X
GregoryZero X
CapnMikeM X
TriviumKills X
VanishedNine X
DutchZooRebel X
Paul_McGovern X
therealpfleck X
Tsavo X
KingKoracin X
gameandpc X
BrandiLynn_Ref X


The results were not important to me, but just getting 40 people to vote. There was one vote that squeezed in, even after I said it was over! 😉

DisabledgamerJ2 wanted to vote for Homefront.

It felt weird to harass people to participate in something. It felt very similar to trying to get sponsors for the Extra Life Fundraiser I participated in last October. I ended up raising about $350 for BC Children’s Hospital through my amazing sponsors! I know it’s for a good cause, but it still feels weird to bug people to help you.

A GIANT Thank You to everyone who voted <3 You made this challenge possible!

Gaming & Giving Back Challenge Part 2

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