Mar 122011

For those who don’t know what I do for a career, I am a child & youth support worker in a transition house for battered women and children. I provide counsel, support, and resources. I am the advocate for the children and youth and I ensure that they don’t feel too stressed while living in crisis. The house is a communal residence that can provide a safe place to live for up to 30 days. The house can accommodate up to 4 families and 2 single women. I can’t disclose how many people are residing there or any personal information about the women and children since it’s a safe house. Basically, I work in a non-profit organization which helps people. I work directly with the children and youth and I love it. Of course I provide support to the women as well, and resources that will help their children.

So… every day at work poses and new and rewarding challenge which actually makes a difference in someones life.

I created the first Gaming & Giving Back Challenge because I was searching to do something good in my community and I wanted a way to record it and make it fun. Blogging was fairly new to me at the time and somewhat still is. My first online blog was created in May 2010. So the challenge alternated days of gaming and giving back. I wanted to do the challenge again, and start fresh with new ideas. I also wanted to include the 6 challenges that I didn’t complete from the first challenge.

I posted up my “working” version while asking on twitter for suggestions. I am extending the request for suggestions to Facebook and here as well. You don’t need to put real information to comment, just throw your ideas out and I will see if I can incorporate them into the Challenge. My plan is to start participating in the challenge by March 15th. I would love to see what sort of things people can recommend.

The following are suggestions I’ve gotten from Twitter:

@JohnnyXeo said, “Randomly give out 5-10 dollar grocery store giftcards to homeless person”

@LookAtMyChicken said, “Well, if you had broadcasting equipment I’d say gaming for a charity/org of your choice would be cool :)”

I told him about the Extra Life Challenge I participated in to raise over $300 for BC Children’s Hospital. It was 24 hours of gaming in October last year, and I can’t wait to do it again!

@Indale_013 said, “Go to McDonalds drive-thru and pay for the person’s order behind you! Say “One Random Act Of Kindness”

@mrpulsar said, “Donate a gift to charity”

@IVIATHYEW said, “How about playing boardgames with elderly people

…and the best suggestion came from:

@williampansky “Taking a lonely nerd’s virginity. XD”

naturally, I had to see if he was attempting to propose something!! LOL

I would like to send out a giant thank-you for everyone’s interest in what I’m doing for the Gaming & Giving Back Challenge and hopefully I can make this an entertaining adventure 😉

Do you have anything else to suggest!?

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  2 Responses to “Gaming & Giving Back Suggestions”

  1. Hold a charity game-a-thon. Get sponsors to donate per hour, and donate the money to a good cause (like the earthquake in Japan)

    I once did a game-a-thon with Pokemon. Me and some other gamers played 24 hours straight and completed the Pokedexes in Diamond and Pearl Versions, then donated the money to a diabetes research foundation.

  2. I actually gave a homeless guy a pocket full of quarters, after I have myself on record saying i didn’t have any money.

    Felt like a douche but felt better after giving him a few bucks.