Aug 202011

Catherine: I’ve made it to the third chapter. Should you buy it? Nah… so far it hasn’t blown my mind. It’s worth a rental however. The story is kinda lame and the puzzles are repetitive. Check out a video that the amazing lowieee forwarded to me on twitter. Its a fairly accurate review of the game.

RockBand3: new DLC is Fall Out Boy. Following the trend of 3-song packs, 2 songs are great and one is meh. They are fun for vocals and keys. I haven’t tried the other instruments but they have dots so there’s something to play! Should you buy them? Of course! DLC for RockBand is always a good investment. It builds your music library. I’ve currently got 1339 songs! …on that note, I picked up the RockBand 3 keyboard a couple days ago! It’s fantastic! I tried to play pro keys on expert without doing the tutorials. Wow…it’s insanely difficult! I did 2 training sessions and got a feel for the pro keys. I need to look at the screen and down at the keys to play. It’s like learning how to use a keyboard on the computer. Once I figure out where the keys are, it should be way easier to play. I did manage 100 on an expert pro song! Although that son had 6 notes :/

Dragon Age: Awakening. I have had this game for a few months now but didn’t crack it. I was busy with too many other games. I have put a couple hours into the expansion pack and I love it! Should you buy it? Uhm… YES! The Dragon Age series is amazing for RPG’s (role playing games). There is magic. I love magic! And the environment is not on a spaceship. I’m not a fan of being locked in some far away land with other space folk and robots. I like rummaging through forests, houses, and near waterfronts; settings that I can easily associate with. I paid 20$ for this game from the wicked KinseySS. He was kind enough bring it to me! 🙂 In most stores you can get DA:Origins and Awakening for $30 new. It’s totally worth it. I recommend playing Origins first so you can transfer your character to Awakening and then Dragon Age 2.

As for arcade games available on Xbox Live, I’ve just downloaded “Haunted House”. It’s a cheesy arcade game that requires aimless walking around searching for clues, trophies, and letters. Should you buy it? Yes. Its only 400 MSP (reg 800) and it’s a cute game to play in between your other games. It doesn’t require much thought just time. The characters are cute and quite similar to Scooby Doo characters.

I guess that’s about it for this week! Happy Gaming 🙂

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