Apr 172011

First I want to apologize for the delay of this review as I have been very busy! & also been busy playing Dragon Age 2. Even though there are two reviews out already on the site I’ll still put in my input later on.

Episode 2 – Get Tannen – was released on March 29 for the playstation network. In this episode, you get to go to the past once again to fix the time stream, otherwise Marty will never exist! I was so engaged with the story & where it was going. This time I felt like I had more closure with the chapter, & wasn’t left hanging as much. I think because it was more well-rounded; you have the tasks set out for you, you complete them & get an end result. I don’t want to put any spoilers incase there are some who haven’t played it yet so I won’t discuss the story in detail. There was also very good character development going on.

I still felt a little ripped off with the time (heh, the irony) because you only get 4-5 hours out of gameplay of it. But we do have to keep in mind it’s only one chapter.

The puzzles were still way too easy! I didn’t need one single hint to solve anything. That being said, I guess it made me feel smarter lol. Some of the puzzles in other point & click adventures were so hard I just felt dumb as ass. But I do think they need to increase the overall difficulty of the puzzles at least a little bit, or at least have the option to play it harder like in Monkey Island.

You get to preview the next episode at the end, which looks even crazier lol. There is a huge time paradox there that I’ll talk about next time. But I’m looking forward to it.

Overall, I enjoyed this chapter & I will give it a 8/10.

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  One Response to “Back to the Future: Get Tannen!”

  1. The story line is probably the strongest point of the game. I thought the second chapter was a bit of a cop out, because you spend most of it in the same dull little town, in pretty much the same time, but just at a different time of day. I finished it in about 2 hours max. Yes I enjoyed it because I’m a back to the future fan, but the game is extremely lacking. I think you covered most of the flaws in the last review. I agree that the second chapter definitely was better rounded story-wise and with puzzles etc. I just think with the potential this game had, they did an overall crappy job. I will still play the rest though, just to see what happens.