Feb 282011

Pigsy: “Monkey, do you know what an ice-cream is?”
Monkey: “No..”
Pigsy: “Because you appear to have an ice-cream stuck on your head!”

This game reminded me a lot of Uncharted & Prince of Persia in terms of gameplay mechanics. The acrobatics in Monkey & reactions in the environment are very similar. The story was very captivating & intriguing. I did not want to stop playing. The problem is, 14 chapters was all over too quickly! It only took me 2 days to complete (aprox 12 hours in total).

The characters are one of the strongest aspects in the game, they all very believable & all have distinctive personalities that contrast well together. You get to watch them grow & change & go along the journey with them.


He has a “tarzan” quality about him, very animalistic, hence the name “Monkey”. He grew up in the wilds, learning to defend for himself & survive. He is a very likeable character, & not all that bad to look at, if you know what I mean 😉


“Are you okay?” – “Monkey, help!” You’ll hear these two phrases a lot throughout the game. She is a young, sassy girl who knows a lot about computers & technology. She is a bit demanding at times (with the whole slaving Monkey thing), but she has good intentions.

It was interesting to watch the relationship between her & Monkey change throughout the game through very subtle hints (looks & gestures, etc.) showing their emotions evolving & taking a turn.  While it was a bit limiting to have to be “attached” to Trip the whole time through control of the slave headband instead of having free reign, she does entitle you to some great team play tactics. The pair work well together.


Looks like a pig, smells like a pig, sounds like a pig, but it’s not a pig, it’s Pigsy! Although boorish in nature, he proves to be an entertaining & memorable character. He has a crush on Trip, which is a little disturbing considering she’s 19 years old & he’s a friend of her fathers, not to mention he’s a piggywiggy. But in the end he shows that he is a noble man.

Combat is quite simple & gets a little monotonous after awhile because you run out of moves & there’s an ass load of enemies to kill. The upgrades make it a bit better, but not by much. The game doesn’t tell you those little orange things called tech orbs are valuable until you get your first upgrade so start collecting them right away. I did cuz I figured they would be important later on, & they were, as you need them to upgrade! It takes a lot of them to get any abilities too, so make sure to look around in every nook & cranny to find them. (You also get some after defeating mechs) It would have been nice to see more variety in the enemies instead of having to fight mech after mech, & then just bigger, more badass mechs.

The missions where you get to use the “cloud” are super fun. It’s basically a circular hover-board you get to race around on & can go over water. Wee!

I have to say the graphics in this game are amazing. Everything is really well defined & HD looking, & the scenery is beautiful, sometimes breathtaking. There was one moment where there was a rainbow over a ravine in the swamp wastelands, & I just thought to myself that even amongst this post-apocalyptic world, there can still be something so beautiful in it.. I like that I can be so entranced by a world. Which reminds me, did I mention the entrancing beauty of Monkey’s magnificent physique? DAMN.. maybe I did.

I did enjoy the ending epilogue, but it left me wanting a lot more closure. I wanted to know what happened after all was said & done, but maybe that will be a story for another time? Who knows.

Total Score: Overall, I give this game an 8.5/10. The gameplay could have been more refined, but where it lacked in aspects like combat, was made up for with captivating story & characters. Was a nice way to spend a weekend, but wished it was longer. Next to come: The DLC “Pigsys perfect 10”.

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  1. I bought this game a while ago but haven’t tried it out yet. Glad to hear that it is worth it! I will get to it eventually.

    • Cool! Btw, how’d that romance with Zevran work out? 😉 😛

      • Mwahaha. Very well, as far as I can tell. I got him to propose to me, which is apparently really hard to do. In Awakening, it said that he was back in Antiva (something to do with the Crows), and at the end of the game, it said that rumors stated I may have found him again, whether it was to run away with him, kill him (!), or lead the Crows with him. I’m kind of sad to not know exactly what happened to us, but maybe I’ll find out one day?

  2. I also enjoyed this game, there isn’t much in the way of replayability but the story is worth checking out. My favorite moment has to be the shot of Pigsy looking up at Trip and Monkey on the boat. I just wish the story didn’t end so abruptly. I get whey it ended the way it did, but not where it ended. With so much build-up to the ending I expected something, more.

    • Ya I agree, I felt a bit unsatisfied at the end. I totally expected more too but maybe there will be a sequel down the road? This game would make a good rental because it doesn’t take too long to finish & you’re right once you play it through there’s not much replay value. I would maybe replay it again after 6 months to a year.

      PS: That moment on the boat is awesome! 🙂