Mar 072011

Pigsy: “I eat, therefore I am”.

Pigs cannot fly in this DLC for Enslaved – “Odyssey to the West”, which involves a side story taking on the role of Pigsy, who was a non-playable ally from the main game. It’s finally time for Pigsy’s turn in the spotlight, who travels alongside with his cute little sidekick, Truffles. I must say one cool thing about this DLC is that it gives you the option to play it in 3D (if you have a 3D TV that is), as well as the same option in the main game, which is neat, if I ever get a 3D TV lol. The story in this was just as strong as in the main game, it’s just a lot shorter. Although for a DLC it was actually longer than I expected. You get a good couple hours out of it for ten bucks. You get to know Pigsy well, gaining further insight into his comically complex character. It was fascinating to learn what he was doing & what he went through before meeting up with Monkey & Trip. His motives turn from frivolous to serious, showing his two sides – the fun comical side, & the serious, noble side. “A pigs gotta do what a pigs gotta do.”

The cut scenes are very artistically illustrated, giving it an almost “graphic novel” kind of feel. The music is great & very fitting to his personality. I particularly liked the hillbilly blue-grass music which first appeared during the climbing escape scene near the beginning. The ending song (which is sung by Pigsy), is great too. His dialogue is quite amusing, as well as the novelties of his movement ie: his jiggly belly run!

It would have been cool to be able to upgrade his abilities, but instead you get 4 new devices sparatically throughout the game. The dancing distraction device was my favourite, and proved to be very useful! Instead of tech orbs you collect food items & pinups, which don’t do anything except unlock an achievement trophy if you collect all of them. As for combat, it stays simple but I did enjoy stategizing my moves with the different devices & sniping mechs in the head. He has virtually no melee combat (which made me appreciate Monkey more), so you often have to grapple to a vantage point for sniping, or just use the devices strategically to avoid getting hit. It’s basically a one hit kill if the mechs get too close. There are parts in the game where it gives you a sense of urgency, which was fun because it kept me captivated. For example when he has to escape from crumbling structures, running away from the giant robot dog, & do time limiting tasks.

The last chapter I have to say was extremely frustrating, in particular the very last fight before the end. I dunno how many times I died trying to destroy that stupid goddamn turret & then being overwhelmed by waves of mechs, which really reminded me of how vulnerable he is. I got through it eventually of course, & then was rewarded with a very touching end scene involving his companion Truffles, with the outcome not being what I expected. He learned a lesson there that was emotional to watch. You will also see a connecting part there with the main game, which was neat.

Overall, this is a fantastic DLC, & it being the only DLC right now for this game, I would highly recommend to get it. Alas, I cannot give Pigsys pefect 10 a perfect 10, but I will give it a high score of 9/10.

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  2 Responses to “Enslaved DLC: Pigsy’s Perfect 10”

  1. What’s with all this 3D TV business? I can’t afford a 3D anything. It already took me two years to acquire all three consoles! 😛 Great review! I’m looking forward to getting around to Enslaved. 🙂

    • Enslaved was easily one of my favorite video game stories this year. It’s right up there with Uncharted(what I’ve played of it so far anyway.)