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Hi there to anyone reading this. This is my first post on the lovely Ms. Midnite Faery’s site, & I am thrilled to be apart of the Epic Gamer Girls group. I will be writing a couple game reviews whenever I can (or whenever a new game excites me) for games I’ve played & demos for upcoming games. I am a sucker for RPGs so most likely you’ll see more of those from me. My first game review will be for Dragonage Origins. It’s been out for awhile now, in fact the second one will be out soon too! Which is why I want to post this before it comes out in March, haha. Anyway, hope you enjoy my ramblings & insight! πŸ™‚ – Firedragon


Overall Likes:

This game is one of the funnest & most engaging RPG’s I have ever played. I love the overall story, the characters & how the decisions you make will effect the game.

Overall Dislikes:

If there was anything I’d say could be improved, it would be the graphics for the cutscenes. I would also have liked the map & the world to be bigger, & more missions because I’m greedy that way lol. I like having structure in where to go but sometimes the urge to explore into the unknown & being able to go anywhere you want is satisfying. Also the ending epilogues could have been WAY better, but I’ll discuss that in the “Ending” section.

Graphics/Sound Quality:

The overall graphics in this game is very good. Like I mentioned before though it could have been better, & it could be a bit more HD looking, but thats just me being greedy again lol. The actors were very good & there is enough variety in the voices to feel like everybody is different (unlike in Oblivion where there is basically 1 male voice & 1 female voice throughout the entire game lol) Also I am pleased that there were two actors from Star Trek Voyager in this – Kate Mulgrew (Captain Janeway) as the witch “Flemming” & Tim Russ (Tuvok) as the keeper of the elves “Zathrian”.


I loved the variety of characters in this game. Although it did seem a bit redundant to have 6 recruitable warriors & only 2 recruitable rogues & 2 recruitable mages, it was still nice to have the options. I really enjoyed building relationships with the characters & going on their “companion” quests. I will now go over each character in the party individually:

Alistair – I admit I did have a bit of a crush on him & initiated the romance option for him not just for the trophy lol. He’s so cute, playful & bashful in nature. This was with my human warrior character, & in the end I did choose him as King & ruled along side him as Queen of Ferelden lol. The only thing is I imagine he must’ve had majorΒ  sweaty bootfeet lol. As for gameplay, I found he serves best with a sword & shield skill set, & once you build his skills high enough he makes a pretty strong addition to the team. The “Templar” armour is good for him near the beginning of the game but later on either the “Warden Commander” armour or the “Juggernaught” armour works best (unless you want to keep it for yourself since it’s kickass).

Dog – The first time I named my dog Growl, the second time, Mitzy. Dog serves very well as a warrior but I wouldn’t take him on any major missions because he is a bit weaker than some other strength based characters. His skill sets are very limiting, but if you have most of them or all then he is a pretty powerful sidekick. He is loveable, the scenes with him are quite cute & humorous.

Leliana – If you were to have a rogue on your team I would say go with her rather than Zevran because her skills are better & more leveled up. She’s better at opening chests & stealing & making/disarming traps. She is better suited to be a bard & a ranger. I prefer her with the “hardened” personality because before that she is so too goody two-shoes & kinda annoying with her “I’m so good after my time at the chantry” stories. There is a romance option available if you’re either male or female but depends what floats your boat u know? I found the best suited armour for her is the superior dragonscale armour made by Wade, & the best weapon for her is the “Majorline’s Revenge” bow you get after completing her personal quest.

Morrigan – Quite simply put, I found her to be a B I T C H. She will disagree with every good & moral decision you make because she’s EVIL lol. If you are evil though, well then she’ll become your best friend. I could never have full approval with her, even after the personal quest (I chose to trick her anyway tee hee!). Gameplay wise, she makes a very strong mage, & I took her quite often on missions because she proved useful. However, once I played with my mage I didn’t really need her anymore because I could be the “damage” mage. I found she serves best as a shapeshifter & with entropy magic. The robes found on her personal quest is best for her, & for staffs WintersBreath is pretty good.

Oghren – Ah Oghren, you hilarious drunken bastard. Pretty much all the gifts for him are to do with alcohol. He did amuse me, but I could never get full approval from him even after his personal quest cuz its just so damn easy to make fun of him during conversation lol. He does make a decent warrior though, one of the strongest. I found he serves best as a two-weapon handed skillet & his berzerker rage is very useful. A romance option with him is not available (nor would I want one lol). A fine battle-axe or broadsword is best for him, with higher quality dwarven armour (Legion).

Shale – I love Shale! She’s so pessimistic but quite amusing to have around. Hard to believe Shale was once a dwarven woman lol. She is very useful in battle, one of the strongest warriors (so long as you up her constitution ALOT). There is more skill options than Dog, but can still max them out easy. There is only one type of armour for Shale so obviously the large brilliant crystals are best for her. She loves the gems as gifts too, but I was pissed about the glitch that after you give one or two gems the approval rating goes down to +1 only after that.

Sten – I didn’t like Sten very much, he’s a little bit boring in personality & was kind of a chauvinist. Unless he’s fully upgraded in his skills & has the best weapons & armour, he makes a pretty lousy warrior to have on the team.

Wynne – She was kinda like the “mother” figure in the game. I didn’t mind her but she got a bit preachy at times. She makes an excellent spirit mage, & is very useful to bring her along as the “healing” mage.

Zevran – He is morally loose, & he pretty much does what he pleases lol. He’s a killer & an easy lover. You can actually get the “easy lover” trophy with him (which I did just for fun but he made me feel cheap, dirty & used LOL). He makes a better assassin than a traditional rogue. You can make him quite strong, but he was not my preferred rogue to bring along (as mentioned earlier) since I liked to steal from chests. He serves best as a duelist with two enchanted daggers or longswords. The ancient elven armour is best for him.


Well, depending what ending you choose it could end in misery or happiness. There are several options to choose from. I chose them all, wanting that “perfectionist” trophy. I won’t indulge further talking about story because I don’t want to put any spoilers here. Just want to say if you plan on importing your character into “Awakenings” then don’t use yourself to make the final blow to the Archdemon! The final battle is VERY intense & hardcore, but with enough patience & persistence you can beat that sucker no problem. It took a lot of strategy but I got through it after several tries on “normal” difficulty level. I really liked that this final boss was a giant malicious dragon, because I was waiting all game to have another big dragon fight after fighting the “High Dragon” on the mountaintop. What I didn’t like however, was after you beat the game it gives you these little story blurbs of what happens after all the decisions you made throughout the game. After sweating blood & tears over that final mega Darkspawn/Dragon fight how cruel is it to make you sit there & READ with no voiceover whatsoever! It was seriously so undramatic. Why go through the whole game being awesome & then totally suck the life out of the end epilogues? I’m thinking the game programmers just got lazy lol..


I’m giving this game a 9.5/10. Overall excellent with just a few minor details that could be improved upon. I am so excited for Dragonage 2! Woot!

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  1. I’ve heard Zevran’s romance can be very sweet if you take it all the way. I’m testing it out now. πŸ˜‰ I love the game and thought your review was accurate. Will you be playing Dragon Age II? πŸ™‚