Apr 172011

Dragon Age 2 is the epic continuation of Dragon Age: Origins. It’s not just another RPG or the same story played out again. It’s a brilliant, fresh, exciting new world to explore with unique experiences and character upgrades.

I just finished this game. I know a bunch of my friends whipped through it in 20 hours, but I slowly explored every area and 50 hours later, I reached the final battle and epic ending.

Is this game worth playing? … YES! Any game that can capture the attention of a gamer for more than 8 hours is worth playing. It’s about the experience.

Games are not about the “rating” of popularity, but rather how much fun YOU have playing it.

The first 15 hours I was wondering when I would feel a connection with the characters. Usually if I wasn’t connected at that point, I would shut the game off, but it wasn’t about the party members for me. I kept playing because I wanted to watch my character interact with the environment and quests. Don’t get me wrong, after getting into the game, I knew a bit more about the characters histories and “who” they were, but if they left my party or died, I wasn’t terribly disturbed.

The romance and friendship wasn’t over the top. I didn’t feel it was necessary to talk to every bloody person I came across (like Fable 3), but I still managed to “romance” Anders! I wanted Mr. Fenris, but he didn’t like me because I was a Mage. Oh well… c’est la vie!

I played Dragon Age 2 with the intent of upgrading my character and watching her transform throughout the game. Which I did…and thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it.

The weapons are brilliant. You can buy them from various merchants or find them throughout the world. They might be hiding in barrels, sacks, and even corpses.

The character upgrades make you feel successful and as if you are contributing to your overall character development. You get to pick your attributes and special abilities. Focusing the development of your character in varying ways. I focused on Magic and Willpower. Then after my upgrades were wicked, I added some Health (Constitution) for extra protection.

The environment was limiting in how much you could explore “off the beaten path”, but the areas were vast and the details were lovely.

…and of course, with an RPG it’s vital to have epic battles. Dragon Age 2 was the perfect example of what is required to have a battle that uses your abilities and splattered the necessary amount of blood and guts! The difficulty can be modified but overall, all enemies are all beatable! I think they were creative, slimy, deadly, and varied! There were many different creatures to kill!

Finally, an additional perk is that you can dress your xbox avatar up so they look pretty mage-epic! 😉

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  4 Responses to “Dragon Age 2 Review”

  1. Yay! I’m so glad you liked it. I liked it a lot too. ^_^

  2. Ah you played mage! I played all three classes to the end and found the mage was my definite favorite. Very powerful!