Jun 242011

Earlier this week I popped into Future Shop to look at games. I do that fairly often. Search for the next “sweet-deal”. Usually on games that I will never play, but its still fun to collect them.

Anyways… this time, I saw the new Alice: Madness Returns game.

It was $59.99. I hadn’t heard much about it, other than a few people on twitter announcing they were playing it. So I sent out a tweet asking if it was worth $60. The response was split. People thought it was a fun game but the bugs were overwhelming and frustrating enough to make it worth only a rental.

I left the packaging on the game. Two days later, I debated again whether I should open it. After taxes, I paid $67. I could return it and buy the RockBand keyboard for $10 more. Hmmm… I asked again on twitter and Facebook whether its worth opening. One of my girly friends @yuki_hime had just finished it. She said it was fun and if I rented it and made it past cahpter 2, I should open it. I decided to return the game.

I went back to Future Shop and returned the game. The boy, Kira, kept asking if I was sure. I told him that there’s no re-play value and its really buggy so I would just rent it and buy it again later if I wanted it.

He was so sweet and drove me to Rogers to rent the game. It was already out. I asked them to call the other Rogers (close by), and it was out there too! Dammit. Now I had no Alice game and the boy was laughing at me. He suggested we go back and buy it again. I’m super stubborn so I refused to go back to Future Shop. He suggested EB games at the mall. I had a $15 gift card because I returned LEGO Batman (it wouldn’t play…too scratched). I phoned the EB Games at the mall to ask if they had any “new” copies. I didn’t want to buy a “new” game that someone else opened. They didn’t have any sealed copies. Dammit again!

The was another stand alone EB Games/Gamestop nearby. Well, a 20 minute drive through peak rush hour. I called them and sure enough, they had sealed copies! I sat in the car with the boy trying to find a copy of the game nearby so we could go home and chill. I was in a bit of a pickle as I really did want the game, but I had already returned it! I had to convince the boy to drive me there cause he will not take the bus with me. About 15 minutes later (and after a trip to the bucks) we were going to buy my Alice: Madness Returns game!

I totally brought the day on myself, but at least it makes for an interesting experience 😉

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  One Response to “The Dilemma of Alice: Buy or Rent?”

  1. Yeah, it’s a good game! I honestly think one or two initial reviews of the game have colored people’s expectations of the game and unfortunately, people tend to hop on the bandwagon. I think it speaks more to the industry of game reviewing than it does of the creators and artists of, in my opinion, what is a very fine quality piece of work. I think because of the qualities of this game that usually aren’t well appreciated by the industry’s mill, we’ll probably see a similar kind of cult fascination as we did with the first Alice.