Feb 192011

I watched the trailer for Dead Island last night and it was amazing. Probably the best video game trailer I have ever seen. At the beginning, you look into the eyes of a dead little girl. The shock factor was intriguing. The footage moves back in time to show what was happening prior to the child’s death. The parties, the families, the fun, and then the zombies! It’s full of blood splattering bodies and violence. Rather disturbing, yet brilliant and captivating.

The video game was discussed in 2007 but due to lack of a publisher, it wasn’t created until now. It is published by Deep Silver and Developed by Techland. Based on the trailer and expected outcomes, this game looks amazing and I can’t wait to play it!

The music that goes along with the newly released trailer is what makes it amazing. I was actually sad at the end of the clip. I know… chessy girly stuff and zombies. It wasn’t like that though, the trailer was brilliant! I hope they have a similar soundtrack for the game. It was very eerie and sad.

There will be a lot of weapons to choose from! Oooh I love guns in zombie games for beautiful head shots. An axe is lovely for slicing off their heads too! 😉 …yes, it’s sick. I think I may have found my next zombie game. The blood splatters everywhere!

It appears that Dead Island’s online play follows closely to Left 4 Dead. There are 4 people that can play together. You can jump in and out of online game play. Meaning that when you’re not there, there will likely be an AI. The 4 characters are immune to the zombies and they have to work together to save other survivors. The details regarding how the online and RPG isn’t fully released yet.

The game is designed with gore and guts so why not enjoy it! I hope they don’t try to do marketing similar to Dead Space 2. I hated their marketing campaign and it actually discouraged me from buying it. I feel like it’s directed to 12 year old’s who still need their parents permission for games. Retarded. Anyways… I will have high hopes for the disturbing, bloody, gore-filled mess that is promised with Dead Island.

The RPG element of the game allows you to upgrade your character so you can kick some serious zombie butt! There will be your typical RPG open world with main objectives and side quests. I’m really curious to see how they incorporate the 4 person co-op. The characters and environment is quite realistic, right down to the watches and flat-screen televisions.

The expected release date will be in August 2011. I am awaiting this game. I know trailers can be deceiving, but I love zombie games and it is a first person RPG which has 4 person online co-op. I will be buying this for sure. Will you?

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  2 Responses to “Dead Island … Upcoming Awesomeness and Epic Zombie-Slashing!”

  1. Maybe I’ll have my xbox in time to play this with ya, lol. Sounds pretty awesome and I can’t wait. Guess I better practice.

  2. Wow, that trailer is so haunting! This looks like it will be a great game.