Sep 082011

… what will you use to save yourself from the uproar of undead surrounding you?!

The zombies vary from slow moving walkers to ooze filled suicide sickness! Pick up anything you can find to swat the head off one of those suckers and don’t forget to pick up his head meat!

What do I think of Dead Island?

I think it is NOT an RPG. You can upgrade three different main sections, which branch out a bit. I am not overly interested in the RPG factor of the game.

I think the weapon upgrades are cool BUT they break too quickly. Sure, there are workbenches scattered throughout the map, but after 10 hits the weapon is useless.

I think that the environment is amazing. Not your typical dark and dreary zombie ridden apartments. Although there are a few of those to explore! If you want to see the delicious details, be sure to flick on your flashlight!

The biggest issue I had with the game was introduced smack at the beginning…the characters! Who was this game designed for? None of the characters are believable and quite frankly they’re more annoying than any bug or glitch I’ve encountered! I could go on a rant about their lack of witty comments, terrible (actually dreadful) accents, pure stupidity when talking to the zombies and searching rooms…but I suppose I will leave it at that.

The online co-op is amazing. You can’t play same console but you can have up to 4 players online. I had a blast playing with 3 friends (the epic gamerguyjames and chaos_geek from twitter and the wicked Barroga —a fellow zombie slayer from Left4Dead).

People are saying that Dead Island is a combination of other zombie games, I can see the comparisons but it is also unique in the way it compiled all the gameplay elements.
It has open world for slaying zombies in daylight and a workbench for weapon repairs, customization, and upgrades as seen in Dead Rising.
4 person co-op similar to Left 4 Dead. Yet there’s no versus, scavenge, or mutation mode.
Eeriness and gore similar to Silent Hill and Resident Evil. The zombies run towards you and actually try to nibble at your face.

The game can be played alone, but co-op makes it a million times better!

Basically, its a brilliant zombie game and I can’t wait to play it!
Ps. That’s a sure sign of an awesome game 😉 …its fun!

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  One Response to “Its Day 2 of Dead Island…”

  1. I feel like it’s a mix of Left 4 Dead and Borderlands to be honest. My brother plays Borderlands a lot, and he says the game is just a zombie Borderlands (4 player online co-op, open world, random quests, ect)

    I like ow later in the game, you don’t just fight zombies. Crazy citizens who’ve snapped mentally and thugs and riff-raff also get in the way of survival, making the game more realistic.