Jun 072011

Hey all!  It’s Fox, here, just letting y’all know that I’m still around! I’ve been REALLY busy with my last days of high school… It’s a bit sad that I’m going to have to go to college in a few months but it’s also really exciting!  Anywho, I just bought a new copy Michael Jackson the Experience for Kinect, so expect a review sometime soon!  Also, Anime Expo 2011 Los Angeles is right around the corner, so expect updates from that on July 1-4.  I, along with a few of my friends, will be sure to get lots of pictures and videos.

And for those of you who are wondering what happened to the video game project I’ve been working, mentioned in the link I’ll paste following this post, I’m still working on it.  I’ve recently discovered some new ways to do things so it may take a bit longer to finish! You can get ready for it by saving up for a 32 gig SD card! (it takes up a LOT of space!

Post about the game:





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