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Hi! I Haven’t posted on here in forever, which is my own fault. But I really wanted to give a review for this game!

If you are a Batman fan, this game will not disappoint. I would recommend playing Arkham Asylum first, but its not mandatory.

The graphics are amazing. The scenery of Gotham in the background is spectacular, the details on all the billboards, posters, buildings, everywhere is just great. The environment & atmosphere pulls you in to that creepy dark Gotham experience. The city of Arkham is large, but not overwhelming at all.

The story all throughout the game is very exciting, enticing, enthralling & surprising! Very well written. I really wanted to know what was going to happen next & they threw all kinds of twists & turns at me.

There are puzzles in the game which are really fun to figure out. Some can be difficult but you just have to think which gadgets you can use to get you out of the situation.

Gameplay & combat is very similar to Arkham Asylum, but they have made some improvements. Nice selection of upgrades available for your combat, gadgets, & suit. Combat is fun, & if you pull off your moves right, its just sexy! There are a lot of places to hide & sneak around to surprise your enemies. You definitely have a choice in how you want to knock the snot out of someone, or catch them off-guard.

And you can play as Catwoman – Meow! Her chapters will come up periodically between Batmans. Her combat style is very quick & precise, very ninja like. The whip is a nice touch. Not as many upgrades available for her & she only has 4 chapters but still a very nice addition. Enemies beware – This kitty has claws!

The side missions are awesome because it gives you satisfactory challenges that bring you face to face with a lot of Batman’s enemies that aren’t in the main story – from Mad Hatter to Bane to the Riddler. Some of them are significantly harder than others. I got through a lot of these but haven’t gotten all of them 100% yet. I enjoyed the Mad Hatter one because it was brief, thrilling & disturbing. Bains was a good one cuz you could just do it periodically while doing other missions. I got through the Zsausz one but I gotta say he creeped the hell out of me & I didn’t want to answer his calls! Deadshot mission was fairly easy to get through, & was an amusing conclusion. I got through some of the augmented realty training but it was damn hard to get all those manoeuvres. The ones where you can get some Mr. Freeze equipment I will highly recommend. His freezing tools come in handy!
I’d say the biggest side mission in the game is the Riddler one: Enigma Conundrum. There are 400 riddler trophies total to get & I got to about 170 of them. (I believe this includes the trophies for Catwoman) Some of them are quite challenging to get that involves intense puzzle-solving but some will require you to get ALL your gadget upgrades first. There is a series of Riddler rooms to solve once you get a certain number of trophies. The ones I did I really enjoyed. Kicker is if you want the final showdown with him you need all 400!

In the main story you get more Joker tomfoolery of course (Joker played by Mark Hamill again, supposably for the last time), Penguin, Hugo Strange, Ra’s Al Ghul, even Mr. Freeze. As Catwoman you’ll have experiences with Poison Ivy & Two-Face. Between the side missions & the main ones I felt like I got to experience almost every Batman character here. Even Robin will make an appearance, lol. I don’t remember seeing Scarecrow, but you get a lot of him in the first game anyways.

The main missions are fun to play. The story pulls you in, and each batch of enemies get harder and throws you more challenges. You really have to survey & be strategic on how to get yourself out of these situations. There is a different approach each time because the enemies get smarter throughout the game! The bosses have to be beaten in a certain way. Difficulty was medium although I actually found the end boss wasn’t all that hard to beat.

The ending really surprised me, but it was brilliant. It made me really wonder what would happen if there was a Batman 3!

The main missions in the game are fairly short, so it doesn’t take too much time to finish the game, but it all depends on how many side missions you play – which are well worth doing! You still get quite a bit of gameplay out of it. They already have a DLC out – Nightwing. I haven’t tried it yet, will wait to see what other DLC’s they come out with.

Once you finish the main story, you have the option to continue on to finish the side missions you didn’t get a chance to finish, or you can start a new game on challenge mode with harder enemies and all your upgrades. Riddler trophies are shared between games.

Overall, I give this game a 9/10. If you’ve played Arkham Asylum and/or are a Batman fan, this is a MUST play game!

P.S: Some people say this is the best superhero game ever made. What do YOU think? 🙂

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