May 222011

This is my vow to stop being so bloody slack on posting! I love the Epic Gamer Girl site and I love having girls (and boys) share their opinion on video games!

There has always been girls that play video games, but not in the masses as they do now. Games have changed over time to appeal to a girl and still have the lure as an epic killing, character upgrading, and take over the world feeling! That’s what makes games important isn’t it? The way it feels. Ooohh…

But really, I wanted to know why I am so terribly, horribly, and utterly addicted to video games! Lets see…

I love gaming because:
a) It’s fun.










b) It’s a total escape from reality (yet, it often models it pretty accurately)

Sims 3








c) I can have magic powers

Dragon Age 2







d) I can kill zombies (of all shapes and sizes!)

Plants vs. Zombies









e) I have an excuse to sing and not be embarrassed about how much I suck (cause clearly I’m awesome!) <—insert HUGE lolwftbbq I am fully aware of how easy it is to move up in the Rock Band leaderboards

Rock Band 3









f) There’s a pretty epic gaming community with people I adore <3

Xbox Live Party









g) When I die, I magically come back

Left 4 Dead 2







h) If I make any stupid choices… I can reload and try again








I think that sums it up!

…why do you like playing video games?

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  One Response to “Why Do I Love Video Games?”

  1. LadyAether

    I think you pretty much summed it up. LoL All good reasons to love gaming!