May 022011

I am a huge sucker for charity events. I love it when people go out of their way to make a difference in a strangers life. One of the most valuable things that people can give away is their time. It takes time to put on an charity event. Time takes planning, fund-raising, advertising, and participating.

A couple nights ago I joined a game of Rock Band with a friend, @Turnsy1985. He was doing a fundraiser through All donations are going to “The Royal Marine Charitable Trust Fund”. He has a personal connection with the marines so this charity was close to his heart. The goal was to play Rock Band and Guitar Hero for 50 hours while raising 200 pounds.

When I joined in the game, he had been playing for about 35 hours. @kazukifox joined in for a bit as well. You can still donate at the site. Turnsy has reached half of his goal for donations so far!! 🙂

I’ve participated in one gaming event so far. It was 24 hours of gaming for Extra Life. That was a brilliant experience! I am so pleased to have been able to collect over $300 for BC Children’s Hospital. I had less than a weeks notice, and I couldn’t haven’t pulled it off without all the support and contributions.

I thought that 24 hours of gaming was hard…I couldn’t imagine doing 50 hours! O.o

I raised $5 … 5 days before the event started.

…and then raised $341!!

I am curious to hear from other people about gaming/charity events that they have been involved in. What have you done to get involved in the community? Have you found a way to link it to your gaming obsession?

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