Dec 052010

What is your favourite video game to play? Give a detailed description of the Pros & Cons

My favourite game to play on the Xbox is Rockband. I have been playing since the first game came out. I was never a huge fan of Guitar Hero because I enjoy singing. Rockband offers that, in addition to the guitar, bass, and drums! I transferred all the Rockband 1 songs into Rockband 2 (when it was released), and just recently I transferred everything into Rockband 3. The release date was October 26th, 2010. It is by far my favourite game! I love singing.


The game play is similar to Rock Band 2. The tour is new and broken into different travelling sections. Similar to the later Guitar Hero games.

A huge pro is that the game accepts all (or most) of the songs from the other Rockband games (Lego and AC/DC included).

“Pro Mode” for guitar, drums, and keyboards seems to be successful! I haven’t played in “Pro Mode” because they don’t have it for vocals. I don’t know why! There is the option to turn your pitch correction “off” so why isn’t that “Pro” mode? What defines a Pro-vocalist? In Rockband, it is suppose to be the ability to keep the right pitch and octave. Oh well, another thing that they can look at for Rockband 4 😉


The thing I miss the most in Rockband 3 is the vocal duals. I want to challenge friends in real-time. There is the element of beating them in quickplay and seeing your overall score, but there’s something about playing with the person at the same time… I miss that.

I don’t like the controls in quickplay for leaving a band. I will “drop out” but then I am stuck in the song selection menu for a few minutes until the game either crashes or it finally goes to the main menu.

When joining a career, you never know if you will be playing your own career or someone else. I think that they should have had similar options to Rockband 2, where you could “join” another band OR invite players to your band.

I suppose the harmonies would be fantastic if I had someone to sing with. Oh wait… it’s an online game right? Perhaps I could find someone else who wants to sing! …Nope, not with the harmonies. You have to be playing on the same console. I think the reason that Rockband gave for this was because there could be lag. I don’t see how that would matter though. It doesn’t matter what the other instruments connection is. Wouldn’t it just run the same? I am not a game designer or programmer but I’m pretty sure the same coding could have worked.

Another feature that isn’t implemented in online play is the 7 person band! I know that the roadways would be small if there was 7 people playing, but if you can have 4 I don’t know why you can’t have 7. Rockband was talking about how cool it would be to play with up to 7 people. This feature is only available to people playing on the same console. I am not planning on squishing 7 people into my room any time soon! Although it would have been cool to play with online friends.

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  1. I don’t know if you ever figured this out or not but when you play with other people online you both play for your own band and your total scores get added to both bands “Band Score” total. You’re one individual scores still get tracked to the instrument you play on with that band member.