Nov 282010

Say “Good Morning” to everyone you make eye contact with (before noon)

This is a day to walk with my head down and watching the ground! What was I thinking? I live in an extremely busy city where I come across thousands of people in my morning trek to work! There are more than 200 people in each horde that I go through… ahhh…

I predicted that my “good mornings” would start out enthusiastically but become rather bored after quite a few. It turned out to be the complete opposite.

There is a man that I see every morning, whom says “good morning”. Today I said “good morning”. Smiled, and thought that was easy! Perhaps he was the inspiration for this task. I told the transit guys and a couple girls I saw in my morning commute. The more people I saw the harder it became.


It got a bit easier when I got to work and I was saying “good morning” to the children, families, and other staff.

For the most part, people said “good morning” in return. I got a couple smiles and nods.

Whew… that was quite the task. I would be very curious to see how this turned out for someone else, if you were to try it. What sort of response would you get? How would you feel?

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