Dec 092010

With Rock Band 3, I am currently ranked #19 in the world. I have been playing with Lowieee and Hginct14 a lot! …and of course Kari Rose (when our xbox allows us to connect) and a new friend HeyRiles. I can’t seem to get enough of this game! I have always loved Rock Band 1 and 2… and now 3!

I am ranked #1 in the world for the Vocal Battle “Alone in the Car Mixtape” by Harmonix.

If you look under “quickplay” and then “play a setlist” you will find “battles”. There are custom battles and global battles. The one that I am #1 is a global battle. Woohoo!

For the next week, I have a challenge with HeyRiles to see who gets the furthest on the Total Rock Band vocals leaderboards. After that, I will have to take over the Rock Band 3 vocal leaderboards. I am currently ranked in 300 or so. Fail. I haven’t been playing the new songs that much. I have way too many DLC (downloadable content) that I want to sing along to!

I created my very first YouTube video of my lovely Midnite Faery rocking out to Evanescence. Check it out when you have a chance. I am going to try to record and upload more videos as much as possible.

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