Jul 212010

Dead Rising 2:

Another zombie killing game! 😀 Available on September 28, 2010.

There are fantastic looking weapons. There is a 2 piece chainsaw: a chainsaw on each side of a long stick you can swing around.

You can combine all sorts of things to make new weapons. There is a system called “combo cards” that give you hints about what you can use to put things together. You can try anything and look for hints in the world to see what you can combine with a role of ductape.

bat + box of nails = spike bat

The weapon combos are a very cool looking element that you can figure out while playing through the main storyline.

You can ride motorcycles with chainsaws, or pick a zombie up and drive them around in an electric wheelchair.

Case Zero DLC: released before the actual Dead Rising 2 game. Introduces you to Chuck (the new hero) who is on a mission to find the cure for the zombie bite. His daughter was bitten by a zombie and needs Zombrex (cure) to save her. Any alternative outfits, combo cards and special features you unlock in Case Zero can be transferred directly to DR2.

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