Oct 252010

Buy a Meal for Someone

How does this keep happening? Today’s challenge is to buy someone a meal.  The challenges for “Giving Back” just keep on falling into my lap and I have no idea how or why!!!

I will start at the beginning of my day.

On my way to work, I was thinking about this task and how I was going to accomplish it. I didn’t want to buy someone sushi or Indian food because they might not like it. Pizza… no fail with pizza. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who didn’t like pizza (unless they didn’t eat carbs!). I decided that would be a good idea. I could order a medium pizza for someone after work. lll KiRa lll said he would love it if I bought him dinner!

I actually try to put a lot of thought into these challenges because I am putting myself out there and interacting with strangers. It is a rather difficult thing to do. I can’t predict how someone else is going to respond to my “random acts of kindness”.

One of my co-workers was sick today so I was switched to the closing shift, which meant that I had an extra hour to kill before work. Typically on closing shifts I sit at the bucks and play on my computer. Today I needed to pick up some vitamins cause I am starting to get the common cold Ahhhh….

I went to the Organic Veggie store to pick up my Camu C vitamins (which are an excellent source of vitamin C). After that, I was trying to decide where to get my breakfast from. I could get a bagel from the bucks, but I didn’t really want to eat a multigram bagel with plain cream cheese. I decided on the worst place possible because I can get exactly what I wanted.

Mc Yuck.

I know… veggies shouldn’t eat there, but their breakfast isn’t terrible. I was in the line ready to order a bagel with lettuce, tomato, cheese, and the round egg (cause it’s fresher). With no butter or sauces. I figured they couldn’t mess that up. I’ve had it once before and it was decent.

The cashier was having difficulties understanding my order, and I heard a soft “excuse me”, so I turned and looked beside me. There was a young girl standing there (she had to be no more than 25 years old). She said “breakfast burrito” and I shook my head. I told her that I didn’t know anything about it as I don’t eat meat. Then she said, “no, can you buy it for me? I am hungry. I am so hungry”.

I looked at her and I was surprised. I’ve never been asked to buy someone a meal.

While I was thinking about what she was asking me… because it came out of nowhere. The cashier shouted at her and said “No. No panhandling in here.”

I looked at the cashier and told her to wait, that it was okay.

I looked at the girl and said, “of course I will buy you breakfast”. She said “2. 69, it’s 2.69. I’m so hungry.” The cashier asked if I was sure, and I told her yes, please give the girl the meal. I think it was number 6 or something. I asked her if she wanted coffee, but she said no. So I asked if she wanted orange juice, and she smiled.

She kept saying thank you, and I smiled and told her “you’re welcome”. She came out of nowhere and she was gone as soon as her meal was ready.

I was finished another challenge.

People should reach out to each other in times of need, and sometimes it takes one friendly act to impact someone’s whole day.

I really appreciate the messages and comments regarding my challenge. I am so happy that people are watching/reading how I progress through this, and I hope that by the end of it… I’ve inspired a few people to smile at a stranger, and perhaps do a kind act for someone they don’t know.

I had no idea how that happened or why. Especially on the day that my challenge is buying someone a meal. lll KiRa lll asked me if I had announced my challenge to people around here. I told him that the only people who know about it, are those who read my blog or follow me on twitter and facebook.

I told my co-workers about it, and one of them suggested that the girl who needed a meal, was an angel.

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  One Response to “Day 8: Gaming & Giving Back Challenge”

  1. -In my opinion i think there should be more people like that in the world, Instead of all the stuck up A-Holes that think there better than everyone, i mean really? C’Mon, Will it seriously hurt you to buy maybe one meal for a(i.e) homeless person? or maybe a little kid whom is hungry,

    I Believe that a helping hand is gods hand reaching out, we really dont realize what these homeless people have to go through untill we’ve been there, No place Too live, no money for food, up around asking people to buy them something to eat, or clothes to wear, People these days just see what they have now, instead of what they could have intead of there 70g house or 10g car, i mean seriously, i may not have alot, and i dont have less of what i should have. but at least i spare a few bucks every Now-N-Then, for someone who doesnt have much of anything..