Jun 102010

The Dream:

I am playing Alan Wake again on the Nightmare difficulty so I can get the rest of the achievements that I missed the first time I played.

I love the overall game play! The graphics are very well done and the soundtrack fits perfectly.

I may die a whole lot more, and become even more frustrated, but I’m pretty sure it will be ok! 🙂

When I started playing the first time, I honestly had no idea what to expect. I heard Alan Wake was a combination of Silent Hill and Resident Evil. The big difference was that a flashlight was going to be my saving grace? Really? A flashlight?!

…turns out that it is actually a fairly cool and unique feature to the game. It adds a new element because you have to first burn away the darkness with the flashlight and then shoot to kill.

The beginning has a pretty slow introduction. You are chasing a kidnapper through your own dream and trying to kill him. There’s a higher light “god” thing that gives you the first flashlight and gun and you get to learn the controls of the weapons. You learn that light offers a safe haven from the darkness. The “monsters” are called the “taken” and they have the darkness within them.I think that everyone has a bit of the darkness within them, its just if they are consumed by it or not?

There are a few things in the Alan Wake world that I missed the first time so that’s why I am going through it again from the start.

I am trying to find all the coffee thermoses I can to make sure I collect all 100 (for the achievement hypercaffeinated for 30G). I noticed that the ones I previously collected on Normal difficulty were already gone and collected. I didn’t know if I was just missing them so I tried loading a couple times…and sure enough everything I collected was still considered collected. I already got the Damn Good Cup of Coffee achievement (20G) for finding 25 coffee thermoses.

I was looking through the manuscript pages and everything I collected was still there too! Except the ones I missed and the ones that you find on Nightmare difficulty of course! So now I just have to find the remaining pages. That will be a slow and adventurous mission to lurk away from my main course to search for them! Hopefully there are not too many taken attacking me!

I am also looking for all the can structures so I can shoot them. I found the first one after killing the first hitchhiker. I looked to the right beside a large rock and there it was! The first time I played, I noticed the cans but I didn’t think to do anything with them. Unlike the coffee… which me, being the addict I am… went straight to them!

Bright Falls:

Examining the stuff around Bright Falls is another thing I didn’t think about doing unless it was something I was interested in reading. There was a few signs and artifacts that I read, but I didn’t look at all of them. BTW I can’t believe how much Rose hits on Alan in the coffee shop…what a book groupie!

I didn’t get a chance to look at the island from a bird’s eye view until just now… almost looks like a chicken foot… creepy!

I am really exploring everything now. I want to find all the little things I missed on the first go through. The cabin is called “Bird Leg Cabin” so I suppose it makes sense to have the island around it shaped like a bird foot.

I am trying to listen to the local radio stations and watch the television shows more too! I got the boob tube achievement but not the radio one! Basically I’m missing half of the achievements 🙁 On the deck of the cabin is the 1st of 11 radios I have to listen to!

There is a box full of Thomas Zane books on a computer desk in the common room. I don’t know if I needed to look at this.. but I suppose I will find out later! Also, there is a chopped down tree root that has initials carved into it. Alan thinks that the island used to have an old love story!

Its nice to see how the smallest details I missed in the beginning the first time, help put the story together.

Alan Wake: The Lumber Yard

There is a book called “The Creator’s Dilemma” in the back of Alice’s car. Is it another thing worth looking at? There is the option to look at it…so perhaps. It appears that I am going to have a scary trek through the woods to reach the gas station. I know what to expect, but I ran through it pretty quickly the first time.

As you take the trail down the mountain, goodbye car!! It goes smashing down the cliff side.

Further down the path, a piece of the manuscript magically floats down in front of Alan. I’ve found all the manuscripts in Episode 1 except the pages found on Nightmare difficulty. There’s a glowing manuscript page close to the fence to the lumber yard. My first page on Nightmare! Woo! 😀

…of course it’s about Rose. The stupid girl from the coffee shop!

Just after a cut scene with Stucky, on the right hand side is another manuscript page!

Ah ha! Another coffee thermos is hiding behind a log near the logging machine on the left hand side. But you can’t go much further there…so to the right it is!

HOLY CRAP! … up till this point I thought doing it on Nightmare was a joke cause I didn’t die yet. The taken are finally a lot more difficult to kill. Even with headshots… it takes a few shots!

I found a chest with a flare gun and just found another one with batteries. I will have to use the weapons with more consideration because there are large swarms of Taken and a rifle doesn’t cut it.

Once you make it across the log bridge (which you create by moving a stack of logs), there is a little picnic area that has a stack of cans to shoot! (I’ve got 2 of them now!) Then head towards the light and in the little cabin is another radio to listen to (I’ve listened to 2 of those now too!!). There is another chest just behind the shack (on the left) and it has another flare gun in it! Apparently there is an achievement for finding all the chests.

I’ve noticed that the manuscript pages that I’ve already collected appear collected when I press the shift button to look at the pages. But I can still find them scattered all over the world. Interesting. They could be there to light the path so you know what direction to go to. The game is fairly dark and there isn’t a glowing trail or anything to show you where you have to go…except for light. Find the nearest glowing patch of light and run to it!

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