Oct 162010

I am a girl gamer. I love playing video games and if I could I would play them non-stop. Well, that’s not really true because I also enjoy other things. But…I do love my video games!

My life has had it’s fair share of ups-and-downs and because of that, I have always valued community. I think it’s vital to give back to your community and help out people. It doesn’t even have to be someone “worse off” than yourself. Just do something nice. Random acts of kindness could really brighten someones day.

I created the Gaming & Giving Back Challenge. This was my excuse to play video games and my motivation for random acts of kindness.

30 Day Gaming & Giving Back Challenge

1. Write about a Gamer who blogs about the video game industry
2. Buy a coffee for someone
3. Create a new Game Character (any video game) and describe a fictional life for them… which describes “who” they are now.
4. Give flowers to a stranger
5. What is this weeks DLC for a music game of your choice? Are any of the songs are worth buying?
6. Give a muffin to 5 people
7. Use your Game Character in band tour for 30 minutes and describe the other members of the band
8. Buy a meal for someone
9. Join a multi-player music game session and find a guitarist you can ask 5 questions to:
1. Where are you from?
2. What’s your favourite song?
3. Have you been to any concerts?
4. What other games do you play?
5. How many DLC (downloads) do you have?
10. Do a kind act for a stranger.
11. Play a full round of Versus on L4D2. What was the best/worst “infected” that you used?
12. Send a message to 10 friends online and tell them why you think they are fantastic!
13. Research an upcoming game and write a preview for it
14. Smile at 15 people today. Did they smile back?
15. Play & Review an arcade game from the XBOX dashboard for at least 30 minutes.
16. Say “Good Morning” to everyone you make eye contact with (before noon)
17. Who is your top 5 friends on XBOX Live? … and why?
18. Call a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while
19. Which 5 friends on XBOX Live do you wish you knew more about? How will you go about getting to know them?
20. Give a genuine complement to a stranger
21. What is your favourite video game to play? Give a detailed description of the Pros & Cons
22. Offer an evening of free childcare to someone who needs to get out
23. Buy a new game, play it for at least an hour and review the overall gameplay (sound, graphics, characters, story)
24. Buy and distribute socks and gloves to 5 people.
25. Read and write a review for a graphic novel/comic about a video game
26. Give an umbrella to someone who needs it (if it’s not raining today, then do this as soon as it is and carry on completing the challenge)
27. Get new DLC for any game and write a review
28. Write 5 personal letters/cards to people to express why they are special to you.
29. Create a Poll for the best game out there and get 40 people to vote.
30. Mail or drop off a care package to someone who needs it.

Please feel free to comment! I love reading them 🙂 <3 Thanks for reading!

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